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Ensemble Yonin No Kai ‎– Jiuta (1985, Ocora)


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Sleeve VG+

Format : LP
Cat N° : 558 575
Style : Japan, Traditional, Folk

Among the genres of traditional Japanese music, Jiuta has a history closely intertwined with that of the Shamisen, a long-necked, plucked lute played with a plectrum, and derived from the Chinese sanxian. Introduced to Japan in the late 16th century, the Shamisen and Jiuta essentially replaced the biwa in accompanying songs and storytelling. The term “jiuta” refers to a type of singing accompanied by the Shamisen, with its origins in the Kamigata region, including Kyoto and Osaka, distinguishing it from the Edo (Tokyo) style of singing.

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A1 – Yaegoromo
A2 – Shin Kinuta
B1 – Akikaze No Kyoku
B2 – Kôgetsu Chô

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