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Islamic Liturgy, Song And Dance At A Meeting Of Dervishes (1960, Folkways Records)


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Format : LP
Cat N° : FR 8943
Style : Arabic, Religious

Rare record ! Released in 1960 on Folkways Records. US press. Booklet included.

A1 – Suratu ‘r-Rha (Qoran Ch. LV, w 1-16)
A2 – Ode By Shu ‘aib Abu Madyan (d. 1198)
A3 – Ode By Ghazali (d. 1111)
A4 – Ode By Ahmad al-Alawi (d. 1934)
A5 – Ode By Ahmad al-Alawi (Shahadah)
A6 – Ode By Ahmad al-Alawi
A7a – The Call To Prayer (Adhan)
A7b – Blessings On The Prophet
A8 – Supplications For Prayer – Second Call To Prayer (Iqamah)
A9a – Allahu Akbar
A9b – Al-Fatihah (Qoran Ch. 1)
A9c – Surat al-Kafirum (Qoran Ch. 109), Ruku Sujudi, etc., Suratu 1-Ikhlas
A10a – The Throne Verse (Qoran II, v. 255)
A10b – Litany Of Subhana ‘LIah
A10c – Supplications
B1 – Suratu ‘I-Wagi ah (Qoran, Ch. LVI, w. 1-40)
B2a – The Shahadah
B2b – Litany Of Praise For The Prophet
B2c – Qoran, XXXIII, v. 56
B3 – Mawlid (Ode In Honour Of The Prophet)
B4 – End Of The Mawlid
B5a – End Of The Tarhib
B5b – Invocation Of The Divine Name
B5c – The Sacred Dance (Al-Hadrah – The Presence)

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