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Jan Otto Allan ‎– Wild Africa : Sounds of the African Bushlands (ACP)


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Format : LP
Cat N° : 1001 LP
Style : Field Recording

Kenyan pressing !

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A1 – LION: the pride moves into position. Crowned cranes indicate the predators’ position. Male lion eating carcass. Hungry young cup frets his impatience. Lion and lioness, mating. Lion calls at night. LION AND ELEPHANT: Elephants trumpet warnings. Elephant plunges into swamp. Elephant “Stomach Rumble”

A2 – RHINOCERAS: In irritable mood. The Rhino “Happy Sound.” BUFFALO, Seeming disarmingly gentle. LEPARD: At Night. Young leopard.

B1 – WILDERBEESTE on migration. ZEBRA. HYENA: spotted hyena. Another Hyena calls. The hyena laughs. Young hyena calls. AFRICAN WILD DOG. JACKAL. CHEETAH

B2 – FOREST SOUNDS. BABOONS: baboon family moving through the forest. Young baboon calls. COLABUS MONKEY FAMILY. TREE HYRAX. HIPPOPOTOMUS

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