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Léo Ferré ‎– Récital 1969 En Public A Bobino (1969, Barclay)


Media VG+
Sleeve VG+

Format : x2 LP
Cat N° : XBLY 80 389
Style : Chanson

In 1969, Léo Ferré experienced a wave of unprecedented enthusiasm at Bobino, marking a turning point in his career. The fervent, politically aware youth of post-May ’68 France sought a concise yet authoritative voice, and Ferré’s charismatic stage presence made him the perfect figurehead. Amidst the lively crowd, with its demands for change, political cries, and laughter, Ferré commanded the stage with his sovereign charisma, blending the generation gap and capturing a moment in time. His concert, recorded in a lavish double vinyl set, embodied this historic convergence of artist and zeitgeist, signifying the changing of the guard for his album artwork and marking the beginning of a new era.

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A1 – L’Idole
A2 – Paris
A3 – L’Eté 68
A4 – La Banlieue
A5 – Marizibil
A6 – A Saint-Germain-Des-Prés
A7 – Pépée
B1 – La Révolution
B2 – A Toi
B3 – Vingt Ans
B4 – Rotterdam
B5 – Les Poètes
B6 – Les Assis
C1 – Ame Te Souvient-Il
C2 – C’Est Extra
C3 – Petite
C4 – Madame La Misère
C5 – Le Testament
C6 – Le Printemps Du Poète
C7 – La Nuit
D1 – Spleen
D2 – Ils Ont Voté
D3 – La Marseillaise
D4 – Comme Une Fille
D5 – Les Anarchistes
D6 – Ni Dieu Ni Maître

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