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Maixa ta Ixiar – Solasin (Triki)


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Format : K7
Cat N° : K-507
Style : Basque Music, Traditional

The duo formed by Maixa Lizarribar (vocals and trikitixa) and Ixiar Oreja (vocals and tambourine) had a significant connection with the new wave that revived the “little sound” in the 90s. Alongside Tapia and Leturia, Gozategi, and Alaitz and Maider, they brought back the trikitixa to town squares. Later, Garbiñe Sagastizabal (bass) and Marie-Hélène Gillaume (drums) joined them. Over the course of 11 years, they performed over a thousand concerts and released three albums. By the end of 1999, the group disbanded.

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A1 – Nere Debilidadea
A2 – Mikele
A3 – Beti Berdin
A4 – Ez Espero
A5 – Nire (Ur Ttantta)
A6 – Hain Urrun Eta Hain Hurbil
B1 – Begi Handia
B2 – Gaur Hasten Dira Ehundaka Urte
B3 – Ze Ondo Bizi Naizen
B4 – Solasin
B5 – Festetako Zaldi Tristeen Antzera
B6 – Zuri So

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