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Tangerine Dream ‎– Thief (1981, Virgin)


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Format : LP
Cat N° : 203 472
Style : Soundtrack, Ambient, Industrial

Tangerine Dream isn’t widely known for its film music, despite having worked extensively in the film industry. While they had early success with William Friedkin’s “Sorcerer” in 1977, their film soundtracks, like “Thief” in 1981, often fell short of their regular discography. The music frequently resorts to reusing existing pieces or offering uninspired new compositions. “Thief” fits the typical electronic film score mold, which includes unnecessary padding. The film itself, Michael Mann’s debut, is a heist-based crime drama released in 1981. The soundtrack’s somber and cold atmosphere likely complements the visuals more effectively than it stands alone. Despite its shortcomings, it may hold some appeal for Tangerine Dream fans who appreciate their lesser-known works. Notably, “Dr. Destructo” and “Diamond Diary” stand out among the tracks, with the latter eventually finding a place in their live performance, notably in “Poland.” Overall, “Thief” isn’t a must-have in Tangerine Dream’s extensive catalog.

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A1 – Beach Theme
A2 – Dr. Destructo
A3 – Diamond Diary
A4 – Burning Bar
B1 – Beach Scene
B2 – Scrap Yard
B3 – Trap Feeling
B4 – Igneous

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