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Vangelis Papathanassiou ‎– Ignacio (Barclay)


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Format : K7
Cat N° : 4 900.531
Style : Soundtrack, Modern Classical, Ambient

One of my preferred soundtracks by Vangelis from his early years is crafted for the film “Do You Perceive the Dogs Barking?” which holds a captivating tale of a man journeying with his unwell child for medical care. Though I’ve yet to view the movie, the captivating clips and the narrative immediately piqued my curiosity. This album, renamed “Ignacio” after the film’s protagonist, is divided into two extensive segments, each with distinct sections tailored for diverse movie scenes. The commencement showcases a brief, calming lullaby akin to “La petite fille de la mer” from L’Apocalypse des Animaux. The subsequent theme starts with somber voices and bells, echoing Rick Wakeman’s recent solo work, eventually building up the initial motif with heightened drama. The second part takes a more turbulent and experimental turn, merging synthesizer fusion reminiscent of past sessions and transitioning to avant-garde percussions, creating a surreal auditory experience. The album’s initial half stands out in comparison to the experimental second part, with its enchanting theme capturing Vangelis’ unique brilliance.

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