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Various – Musique Traditionnelle Juive A Travers Les Ages (1981, MV Productions)


Media VG+
Sleeve VG+

Format : LP
‎Cat N° : MV 181
Syle : Traditional, Israel

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A1 – Bless The Lords (Barkhou)
A2 – Helleluyah
A3 – The Binding Of Isaac (Akedat Yitzchak)
A4 – The Four Types Of Isaac (Arba Midoth)
A5 – Zion, My Fair One (Tziyon Tamati)
A6 – Awake, O Zion (Uri Tziyon)
B1 – Accept My Prayer (Yihu L’Ratzon)
B2 – Welcome, O Angels (Shalom Aleicem) / Go My Love (L’Cha Dodi)
B3 – Kiddush
B4 – Hamavdil
B5 – Tranquility (Hitrag’ ut)
B6 – After Sunset In The Field (Acharei Hashkiyahd Basadeh)
B7 – In The Flieds Of Bethlehem (Bisdot Beit Lechem)
B8 – Four Brothers (Arba’ah Achim)

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